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Direct Bedding is a 3rd Generation family owned-and-operated business. Our family has been in the furniture and mattress business in Atlantic City, NJ since the 1950s. What’s been passed down from generation to generation is that when you treat people right, they come back and they also recommend their friends and families.

Our principles haven’t been lost on our online customers. Before, during and after a sale, things happen and people have questions. The most frustrating thing is when you’re having an issue is when there’s nobody available to pick up the phone to help and you have to wait for someone to return an email. We’re available to answer the phone 365 days a year from 10am til 10pm.

For the first five years of selling mattresses online we sold other brands. In 2009 we partnered with a local manufacturer to build our own line of mattresses because we wanted more control over the quality and materials in the mattresses that we were selling.

Our first tagline was: Better Materials Make Better Beds. With that, Atlantic Beds by Direct Bedding was born and we’ve never lost sight of this principle.

We’ve been selling latex mattresses since 2009 and we’ve had a strong presence in the latex market ever since. The trend around that time was gel and we immediately saw and called out the risks. On September 25, 2012 we published our first Atlantic Beds video on the benefits of latex mattresses. That video is just as relevant today as it was then. You can watch the video on this page:

Atlantic Beds Latex

As most of the mattress industry went headfirst into gel, we went in the opposite direction. Our Atlantic Beds line of latex mattresses became so popular because we offered latex as an alternative to gel. With the success of that line we spun Atlantic Beds off as a stand-alone company.

Within six months of launching Atlantic Beds we launched HighLine Sleep as another stand alone company. A lot of people were calling from out west and asking if we shipped to them. Because Atlantic Beds is a more regional name we also market the same products under the HighLine Sleep, which helps to avoid confusion throughout the rest of the country.

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Direct Bedding, LLC BBB Business Review