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Rolled Mattresses Versus Shipping Flat

  • Roll-packed mattresses are just one of many deceptions in the murky process of shopping for a mattress. Bed-In-A-Box mattress companies tend to represent compressing mattresses as if it’s actually beneficial for you.

    The process places limitations on the quality of materials that can be used in the construction. For hybrid mattresses, the coil count will have to remain lower and the density in foams is also reduced.

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Rolling A Mattress Shortens How Long It Will Last

Once these materials are flattened, the cell structure of the foam gets crushed. If you were actually to do a before-and-after trial of a mattress, the results are almost unrecognizable. The strain and stress from the compression makes the materials so much softer. It’s like pushing fast forward on the aging process and shortening how long your mattress will last.

The Potential Savings Often End Up Costing You More

Shipping a mattress with UPS or FedEx may cut costs for the company but I wouldn’t get your hopes up that these savings are getting passed through to customers. These brands reportedly deal with return rates on mattresses that average around 10%.

The astronomical return rates aren’t a factor for the bed-in-a-box brands because they simply increase their pricing by a multiple of their return rate so that the costs get passed back to their customers.

Marketing Over Materials Is Another Way That You Pay

Shopping for a mattress online, is a murky process because most people never realize that the “Review” and “Rating” websites are little more than affiliate marketing. These experts get paid up to 25% commissions for recommending these brands.

You’ll almost always find glowing reviews on every bed-in-a-box mattress brand because they’re paying huge sums of money to appear on those websites. These companies will often spend more money on marketing and customer acquisition than they actually spend on the materials that go into the construction of the mattress.