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4 Reasons Why Direct Bedding Latex Mattresses Are Better

Won't Feel Like You're Sinking In A Hole
Better Support & Longer Lasting Comfort
Fully Assembled, Not Components
Never Vacuum Compressed or Rolled

Reason 1: Our 100% Natural Talalay Latex Offers Faster Recovery Time & More Support

What You Need To Know:

Most people prefer the supportive feeling of latex versus the sinking feeling of memory foam. The most common complaint about memory foam beds is that people will say, "It feels like I'm sleeping in a hole."

The technical term for memory foam is visco-elastic memory foam. Visco-elastic means that it responds to weight and temperature. When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, the memory foam warms to your body temperature. As the mattress adjusts to your temperature and weight it continues to get softer and the result is that you sink deeper into the mattress.

Memory foam also has a slow recovery time, which means that the sleep surface takes time to fill in when a person changes positions.

The Solution:

Our latex mattresses don't respond to weight and temperature like memory foam. If you're worried about heat, you'll never get hot on our latex beds. Our Latex is Thermo Neutral, which means that it doesn't react to your body temperature and get warmer.

Instead of sinking down into the sleep surface, our latex mattresses are designed to support a person's body weight above the surface. When you change positions, the latex fills back in instantly versus the slow recovery time of memory foam, which takes longer to fill back in.

Reason 2: Latex Offers Better Support & Cooler Comfort

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses Continue To Get Softer Over Time And Create A Hammock Effect

Gel memory foam is known for its conforming effect because it softens under a person's body weight and temperature. The foam takes shape around a person's body as they sink into the mattress.

The long-term problem with gel memory foam is that as the memory foam breaks down, the mattress tends to get softer in the area where a person sleeps. The reason why gel memory foam is softer and less durable is because it is lighter and it has more air in it. The more air that the foam has, the faster that it will break down.

This creates a hammock effect where the mattress will offer less support because the heavier areas of a person's body will sink deeper into the soft spots.

Our Latex Mattresses Are Designed To Support You Above The Sleep Surface And Maintain Their Comfort & Support For Longer:

Over the years, we've sold both memory foam and latex, but the reason why we've switched to selling latex exclusively is that latex doesn't have the downsides of memory foam and most people find it to be more comfortable.

Latex is more dense and contours to a person's shape. Our latex mattresses are designed to support your weight above the sleep surface. Because the latex is more durable and doesn't break down in the area where you sleep, our latex mattresses will continue to offer better support and longer lasting comfort.

Reason 3: Our Latex Mattresses Come Fully Assembled

How To Spot A Component Mattress:

You would never go to a retail store and buy a mattress that you had to assemble at home, so why would you assemble a mattress that you bought online? Many websites selling latex mattresses are sending people individual pieces of latex that customers assemble in their homes as component mattresses.

A 6 inch thick queen size latex layer typically weighs over 100lbs. Even a twin size layer weighs around 75lbs. Not only is latex heavy, but it is very bendable, which makes trying to stuff these layers inside of zippered mattress covers and stack the different layers evenly an extremely difficult task.

The layers aren't laminated so there's nothing to hold them together in place. Component mattresses, where the layers can be swapped in and out, often have to be adjusted and readjusted as the layers shift. Can you imagine using a component mattress on an adjustable bed?

Reason 4: Our Latex Mattresses Ship Flat

What To Look For:

There are a number of ways that companies cut costs, but we refuse to compromise. Many people unsuspectingly order compressed latex mattresses. These mattresses are compacted for extended periods of time, which puts stress on the materials.

In the short term, some of these mattresses don't fully decompress. They may remain curled up at the ends or have irregularities in the latex that become noticeable beneath a person's bodyweight.

Long term problems are more likely because of the additional stress that was put on the beds when they were compressed.