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Best Adjustable Beds: Detailed Ratings Of The Top 5 Adjustable Bases

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Most people shopping for a bed online are searching for honest reviews and expert opinions. What few people realize is that most Buying Guides (if you can locate the disclaimer that that they try to hide on their site) are getting paid commissions for referrals.

Why Fortegra Is The Most Comprehensive

Fortegra’s insurance-backed Adjustable Bed Extended Warranty Protection Plan includes Free In-Home Labor and Parts for 10 Years with zero deductible. Learn why some retailers make misleading claims to make their warranties sound better than they actually are.

Best Adjustable Base Overall Winner: Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite

Leggett & Platt improved upon their highest-rated Prodigy 2.0 with the newest addition to their lineup. If it weren’t for the Prodigy Comfort Elite the Prodigy 2.0 base would still be the overall winner for best adjustable bed. These two bases are identical, except that the Comfort Elite has the addition of Lumbar Support.

The Independent Pillow Tilt (shared by the Prodigy 2.0 & Prodigy Comfort Elite) is the feature that people really love. Independent Pillow Tilt gives users the freedom to adjust the 3rd articulation under your head while in any position. If someone has acid reflux and they can’t sleep flat they can simply adjust the Pillow Tilt. For reading or watching TV in bed it also allows you to choose the angle that is most comfortable for your neck. A base without pillow tilt would leave the sight line of your eyes at an upward angle which mean if you are planning to read or watch TV, you’d be looking up towards the ceiling.

The Prodigy Series bases also offer Leggett & Platt’s quietest motors. Their downloadable App means that you can operate the bases on your phone, which gives you access to more features than are available onthe remote with timers through your phone.

Another popular feature that is included with the Prodigy Series bases is the Micro Hook retention, which is basically like Velcro and it grips onto the bottom of most mattresses to keep your mattresses in place. The base also includes a Mattress Retainer Bar.

Aside from all of the great features the best reason to purchase a Leggett & Platt base is because of their reputation. Leggett & Platt has been dominating the adjustable bed market for almost 40 years. It’s quite incredible when you consider how big Leggett & Platt is, but the truth is that their reputation is impeccable for a reason. We’ve been selling their bases for around 15 years and they make a great product that they stand behind with excellent warranty support.

Since Leggett & Platt is the manufacturer they always keep parts available for their bases in their Georgetown, KY facility. They have a dedicated Warranty & Parts Department that is open Monday through Friday 8am til 8pm Eastern Time and Saturdays from 10am til 3pm. This is a much preferred method versus back-and forth exchange of emails or voicemails which is sometimes the case with other companies.

Prodigy Comfort Elite Features

Best Mid-Range Adjustable Bed: S-Cape 2.0

The workhorse in Leggett & Platt’s lineup has always been the S-Cape. We’ve actually been selling versions of the S-Cape since the early 2000s. At that time, Tempur-Pedic was selling Leggett & Platt bases with their mattresses. Since then, Tempur-Pedic has changed suppliers a few times, but we’ve stuck with the S-Cape bases and they have always been among our top 3 selling bases.

It’s interesting to note that after 15 years, a member of our staff is still sleeping on their original S-Cape. The reason why you buy an S-Cape is not for flashy features and technology. The S-Cape 2.0 features are fairly standard on most mid-priced bases.

When you buy the S-Cape 2.0, you’re buying into Leggett & Platt’s impeccable reputation. Leggett & Platt basically invented the adjustable base category and they’ve been manufacturing them for around 40 years. You’re buying a base that is built to last for a very long time. In the event that something does go wrong with electronics or motors, you’ll always be able to get easy access to Leggett & Platt’s warranty and parts department.

S-Cape 2.0 Features

Best Adjustable Base Technology: Glideaway Odessa w/ Elevation Kit

Glideaway has been pushing the envelope with adjustable bed technology. The Odessa w/ Lift Kit has more features and technology than any other bed.

If you suffer from acid reflux or GERD and you still want to sleep on your side or stomach the Odessa features elevation which allows you to tilt the bed.

The Odessa features Motorized Neck Tilt, which is a must for any ultra-premium adjustable base. The WiFi and Bluetooth technology on this base means that it can be operated with Alexa voice commands or with a free App on your phone. Glideaway doesn’t include a remote but it can be purchased as well.

Odessa w/ Elevation Kit Features

Best 1 Piece King Adjustable Bed: Rize Contemporary III

The Contemporary III couldn’t have been considered for the Best Adjustable Base Category because it doesn’t have independent Pillow Tilt. That’s not to say that this base doesn’t make up for the missing pillow tilt with a number of other great features.

It seems that the folks who designed this base were focused on taking pressure off of the lower back. Notable back relieving features include edge-to-edge adjustable lumbar support and lounge positioning.

The lounge feature adds additional lower back relief by keeping the head up while allowing the feet to move down below the horizontal position. For the folks who sleep in recliners at night, this base is a great way to get back to sleeping in a bed again.

Modular Sections with five sections that allows for more personalized positioning.

Contemporary III Features

Best Entry-Level Adjustable Bed: Glideaway Freestyle

The Freestyle base by Glideaway is our favorite entry level base because Glideaway has been a brand name in our industry for over 60 years. While they’re newer to the adjustable bed space than Leggett & Platt, you’re still buying into the Glideaway name. They have an A+ rating with the better business bureau, which means a lot when you’re dealing with a warrantied product like adjustable beds.

The Freestyle has a 3” profile and is designed to fit on top of most existing foundations or platform beds. This base is actually designed to be used without legs. If you’re looking for an easy to use head up and foot up adjustable base with programmable settings at a fair price this is it.

There’s an easy-to-use backlit remote with options for elevating your head and feet. There are 2 programmable positions, zero gravity and anti-snore.

Freestyle Features